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Our " Tech Time Efficiency Survey " will Uncover the Hidden Costs (& Profits) in YOUR Company!

Do you know...

  • How much is bad tech costing you?

  • What threats does bad tech pose?

  • What do your employees think about tech?

  • How can you improve the tech in your business?

Answer all of these, FOR FREE, by using our survey!

The only question left is, who you want to do it?

Click the button on the LEFT if you want to download our comprehensive guide and additional resources so you can implement the survey yourself. No opt-in required.

Click the button on the RIGHT if you want us to implement the survey for you! Limit 5 per week, see if one is available now!​

I’m not ready to click a button, but I want to know more…

I completely understand! I’d be a bit hesitant after opening up an obvious landing page, from a QR code I scanned on the back of a postcard, from a company I’ve probably never heard of (haha).


But, I don’t think it would be very helpful to either of us for me to start rambling about the “enormous” benefits of using our survey. Which from your perspective could just be a bunch of empty promises.

Saying that using our survey has the potential to save your business, tens of thousands of dollars, seems too clickbaity (I don’t think that’s a word but we’re rolling with it). Given you're on this webpage, I think the real question you want answered is…

How can I trust you?

Now that is a wise question from an astute business person. If I were you I'd be pretty peeved if I used some random IT company's survey, sent it to all of my employees, and it turned out to be a huge waste of time. But, I have a counter question.

What would I have to say for you to trust me?

You see, here is the problem. I could tell you that my father-in-law, John, has been servicing the IT needs of many businesses here in Jackson, TN over the last 6 years. Several of which I’d bet you’ve heard of.


But, statistically speaking, you don’t care about that because;


  1. You don’t know us.

  2. You care about what benefits you (understandable, that’s human nature)


Which leaves us in a vicious cycle. I can’t tell you, in detail, about the benefits of this survey without sounding like the typical marketer trying to promise you the world. 


And no matter what I say, you still wouldn’t believe me because you don’t trust me yet, but that’s only because you don’t know me. But I can’t talk about myself because that doesn’t directly benefit you. Round and around we go.

Quite the pickle, but I have an answer...

This is why we give the survey away for FREE. Whether you want to use the survey yourself, or have us do it for you.


  • No opt-in required

  • No discount

  • No membership

  • Not a course

  • No coupon

  • No minimum purchase

  • No contract


You don’t have to do anything for me besides use the survey. I’m not asking for a review, or a referral, or anything else. All of that is not the point of this.


The point is, this gives you the opportunity to get to know us (directly or indirectly), and MOST IMPORTANTLY,  it truly has the potential to have a very positive impact in your business.

What I believe is your ABSOLUTE best option:

Do both!


Click the blue button to download our guide first. Read it over. See what it’s about. The questions we ask in the survey, how we track all of the data, and our methodology for understanding the data to produce worthwhile results.


Then click the red button to reach out to us so we can implement the survey for you. I highly recommend this option primarily because we built some solid systems to streamline this process. It will save you a lot of time.

Speaking of, Time Is Of The Essence!

I do want to remind you that we only offer 5 spots of the Done-For-You option per week. So I wouldn’t procrastinate.


If you’re ready for us to implement the survey for you, go ahead and click the red “We Do It” button, NOW!


If you’re wanting to read the guide first or implement the survey yourself go ahead and click the blue “You Do It” button and you’ll download the files immediately.

What are you waiting for?

I appreciate you being someone who finishes what you start. You know, gets to the bottom of things (see what I did there?).


But, the only thing left to do is choose the option that is right for you. Both are free, and you have a lot to gain from either.


So go ahead and click the button. Now, if you have a hard time making decisions. Let me help, click the red “You Do It” button. You won’t regret it.




Jordan Geiser




P.S. We spent hundreds of hours making this survey to help businesses answer the question, “how much is bad tech (or tech systems) costing my business?” We made it as concise as we could while getting enough information to be able to form a clear picture of what impact technology is having on your business.

P.P.S. Click the blue, “I Do It” button to download the survey and guide. Click the red, “You Do It” button to contact us so we can implement it for you!

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