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  • The computers you use are incredibly important. Your productivity depends on them. But so does your security and the long term viability of your work. We provide computer management called Computer RMM. RMM simply stands for Remote Monitoring and Maintenance and it’s a part of most everything we do. It can include patching and updating, managed endpoint protection (formerly known as antivirus), remote monitoring and alerting, remote control, managed backups, hardware upgrades and replacements, and more. 

  • When we first begin managing your computers we go through a process called onboarding. During onboarding we’ll document, recommend needed upgrades or replacements, fully update the operating system, drivers, and software, remove unnecessary or dangerous software, install our management agent and centrally managed endpoint protection, install backup software and initiate the first backup, and more.


  • This professional computer management results in easier access to expert IT resources, facilitates disaster recovery and business continuity, decreases risk from downtime, data breaches, and data loss, decreases cyber-insurance costs, frees up non-IT personnel to concentrate on what they do best, and most importantly peace of mind.

Contact us today to begin your journey to peace of mind!

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