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Most people know what servers are even if they don’t really understand what they can do for their business. NAS’s are really just a type of server that are sometimes a better solution than a traditional server. And NAS’s can do things that few if any servers can do.

We know both servers and NAS’s and how they can best serve your organization. Here are a few reasons you might need one or the other:

  • Run an application your business relies on

  • Backup your computers without paying cloud storage fees

  • Backup your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 data to local storage

  • Provide local file storage

  • Private cloud apps (like Google Workspace, but private)

  • Backup your servers or Virtual Machines and be able to restore them to a NAS-based VM in case of a hardware failure

  • Large video surveillance storage

  • Create off-site redundancy for business continuity and disaster planning/prevention

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