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ProbityTec began operations in 2018. It was started by me, John Bentley. I have nearly 30 years of IT experience in manufacturing, consulting, and education. I've been a Programmer/Analyst, Network Administrator, IT Director, and Chief Information Officer. My specialty is IT infrastructure and networking. There aren't many things I enjoy more than doing an infrastructure assessment, putting together a plan to go from where things are to where they need to be, and implementing it. I'm weird that way.

I wanted the name of the business to reflect my values, thus ProbityTec. If you didn't already know, probity is just another word for integrity and I think we should all stop using the word integrity and start using probity instead.

I've lived in and invested in Jackson for 25 years and think it's the right time to use my experience to benefit more businesses. Contact us today. We want to earn your trust!


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