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Modern phone systems have some impressive technology. The list of features they boast is a mile long. And the truth is, most people just don’t care. You typically need fewer than 10 features. Often only a handful. So here’s what you need to know about our phone systems:

  • They’re based on industry standards. That’s important to you for a few reasons: You’ll have a choice of providers should you ever need to move on. The hardware you buy is compatible with any other standards-based system out there. So you could continue using the phones you buy now for many years and systems. There are hundreds of compatible phones, speakers, paging devices, intercoms, ringers, etc. to meet just about any need you might have.

  • We will right-size a solution for you, from a single phone in a small business to hundreds of phones and paging speakers in a school. If you’re a call center, we’re probably not a good fit. But if you’re a small or medium sized business, nonprofit, church, or school, we are most likely a great fit.

  • Our service is Internet-based. All our voice traffic is routed through 4 redundant data centers on the four corners of the United States. We’ve never experienced an outage due to call path failure. 

  • Our phones are just network devices and connect directly to your network via a POE switch. This is one of the reasons why we always make sure your network is solid as a first step in any new customer relationship.

  • We charge flat rates only, and we call it Simplified Flat-Rate Billing. You’ll only see one line item on your monthly invoice and it’ll be the same amount every month. Oh, and that includes Remote Monitoring and Maintenance, and most Adds, Moves, and Changes, and all taxes and fees. Have you ever even heard of a phone service that included all of that, not to mention a bill that had only one line item?

  • Most likely, we’ll save you money; often enough money to pay for any new equipment within a year or two.

Contact us today to learn more!

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