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Design, Installation, Monitoring


Your network is extremely important to the success of your business. It just needs to work, all the time, in a secure fashion, without constantly tinkering with it, and without costing a fortune. But making that happen takes expertise, experience, and common sense.

  • If any of these rings a bell then we can help:

    • Poor or inadequate coverage of premises

    • Not enough capacity:

      • Not enough people can use the Wi-Fi at the same time

      • Too slow

      • Problems connecting or staying connected

    • No control over who has the password

    • Lost revenue: not able to resell or sell premium access

    • Can’t access network resources reliably or at all (printers, servers, other computers, etc.)

    • Inadequate security; guests/customers can access company resources when they should not

    • Sometimes (maybe even frequently) have to reboot the router

    • Don’t understand why it works at home but not so well here.

    • There is no one to contact when I have a problem.

    • The network is just not reliable enough.

    • The network isn’t fast enough.

    • I can’t tell who is using the network or what they are doing.

    • I need a content filter but don’t know where to start.

    • I need more than one router but I don’t have power available where I need the other router.

    • My router is physically not safe from customers or employees.

    • My computer works fine from this spot but my phone either won’t connect or won’t stay connected form here.

    • I have two routers and two wireless networks. It doesn’t look professional for me have two different wireless network names.

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